Thursday, July 02, 2015

Table Runner- Top Done

The table runner I started is now a completed top.  I am still searching for the fabric I want to use as backing.

You can see that I added the triangles at the ends. I also added borders to make it a bit larger.  You may also notice that the "incorrect" square was ripped out and reoriented.  The darks in the center now make a pinwheel.
Here is the before correction picture
I really like it better now that it is corrected.  I don't enjoy ripping out but a friend of mine doesn't mind doing it at all.  So I got him to do it for me.

I also published a new weaving video on YouTube. The subject is "How to keep your selvedges straight."

Enjoy your day.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Little Patchwork

There were a few leftover layer cake squares in my stash.  These are ten inch squares of fabric from a design line.  These came from the same layer cake and I have a few more left in neutral colors.
So I took the squares and started some aimless sewing. I used some piecing "tricks" that I have learned from the internet.  I made half square triangles and quarter-square triangles.  Then I played with putting them into a design.  I liked what I saw so I sewed them together.
After taking the photo, I realized that I made one mistake in piecing it together. One of squares should have been rotated one turn to the left.  I don't think I will take it apart- but I reserve the right to change my mind. This is one of those times that a design wall would have come in handy.  Stepping back is much like looking at a photo.  You can see the whole in a different perspective.

I think I will add some borders and perhaps triangular end pieces onto this and make a table runner.  Time will tell.

On my loom there is fabric. In fact there is close to five yards rolled onto the cloth beam.
I have been using a lot of my hand spun wool yarns in this fabric. The warp is black wool, so it doesn't distract from the colors in the yarns. At this point, I have a plan for the fabric, but sometimes the fabric has other ideas.....stay tuned.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rambling in the past

A discussion with a friend over dinner pulled up some old memories.  You see, this friend has a daughter who once was a model for a portrait painting class.  As she told me about this, I said, "That sounds like a class I took with Janet Rogers several years ago." The class was on watercolor flowers and portraits.  Later that evening, I got an email from my friend saying that the painting is by Janet Rogers. At the time, I did not know this friend, so her daughter was just someone serving as a model for the class.  There were two models who sat for us- at the same time.  I chose to paint the other model, largely because she was seated closer to my painting station. I confess that this painting was not attractive.  However after I returned home, I did paint some portraits and partial portraits.
Here is one painting that I did of a partial face.
Later on, I painted a sketch portrait of my father.
In the class with Janet Rogers we also painted flowers. One of my favorites was this painting that I did of sunflowers.
It seems rare that I can paint this loose and free. I love the spontaneous look of this painting.  My niece loved it also  so it is now in her home. 
Thanks for rambling with me through some of my past painting adventures.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Guess who won?

About a week ago I got a very happy email.  It said "You won the Black/Brown Summer Giveaway package."   One of my faults in buying fabric is that I generally buy rich colors like jeweltones and rainbow colors.  There are very few darks and neutrals in my stash.  The exceptions are solid black and solid white and an occasional tan.  So this was perfect for me.  

I don't know if you are familiar with Vicki Welsh at Field Trips in Fiber, but she is possibly the best fabric dyer that I know.  In addition to her blog -  that I subscribe to, and I suggest  you do also - Vicki has a lovely Etsy shop where she sells her hand dyed fabric.

But I get ahead of myself, let's look at my prize!
I goofed and put this on a dark table for the photo.  The "black" is actually very dark indigo shades.  (Be still my heart...) They make me think of a rich night sky. And the browns (on the right) are luscious mottled hand dyed juicy browns and the almost blend into that table. Wouldn't they be perfect for tree trunks, or even brown hair?

 There was also a 2 1/2 yard package of Mistyfuse in black.  It is the perfect fusible for dark fabrics.  There are twelve fat eighths of fabric here and the Mistyfuse.  But there are also some fun little "add ins"  Somehow I missed photographing the pad of sticky notes that came in the package. But you can see Vicki's card, a bookmark AND this fun little door hanger. On one side it says "Happily Fusing, Come join me."  There other side has  "Do not disturb! Goddess inside...fusing!"  For those of  you who may not know, Mistyfuse makes a Goddess sheet for fusing as the fusible is not backed with paper. I love the little play on words.

I have bought fabric from Vicki previously and it is a delight to work with.  It doesn't bleed when you wash it.  The fabric is a good quality cotton that is perfect for quilt piecing, applique or fusible applique.
There are many choices in Vicki's Etsy shop - and I am "borrowing" some pictures to show you.
This one, Appalachian Sunset, is one I have in my stash.
This Southwest Gradient may also be in my stash....
But besides the gradients there are stash packs.  One that I love is this color wheel pack.
And just a reminder, Vicki's shop is on Etsy.  In case I whetted your appetite........

Do be aware that even Etsy shop owner's deserve a vacation break.  Here is the current announcement on Vicki's Shop.

vickiwelsh's Shop Announcement

Custom orders (including Shades Packs) placed June 22 – July 7 will be shipped July 13.

Shipping schedule for all other orders (Gradients, Stash Packs, Shibori, Yards): Orders placed June 28 – July 5 will be shipped July 6.

You may remember my "Trip to the Beach" mini quilt.
 The background is Vicki's Anatola gradient.

Now,  I must say that Vicki did not ask or suggest that I say anything about her fabrics, her shop or even the prize.   However, when I am happy with a product or a shop, I believe in telling you all about it.  So if you are looking for some lovely hand dyed fabrics, take my advice and shop here first - and last.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This, That and more

A friend of mine says I  chase squirrels.  If you have ever watched a dog chasing squirrels you may see some analogy.  I do switch projects quickly - if I have an idea why not run with it?  However, dogs chasing squirrels rarely catch them...and if they do it may come at a cost. (OUCH!)

My squirrels are often caught, even if I catch and release to catch again.

I have been chasing a few squirrels lately.

One recurring squirrel is the Arrowhead quilt.  I did some quilting on it a day or so ago, but there was a storm so I stopped.  I also had a couple of issues with the machine.   For some reason the thread cutter jammed and stopped the bobbin case from turning.  I whipped out my trusty screwdrivers and managed to fix it - and clean out the amazing amount of lint that had accumulated.

 Here is a small portion of the quilting. One the pieced blocks I am doing more simple designs.
Another  squirrel  in my kitchen is named "Kimchi" --- it is a Korean treat that I love to eat.  However, it is a taste you love or hate.  I made three jars of it yesterday.  Two are made with Napa cabbage as the main ingredient, the other is daikon radish.
It is in a rich red paste made with many ingredients, but the red is from the Korean red pepper.  Yes, it is hot and spicy but loaded with flavor.

I also finished another knitted dishcloth.  On this one, the yarn ran out. So I figured out how to change colors without too much angst.
The white corner was the ending section.

On my mini loom - an Ashford SampleIt rigid heddle - I am playing with a color and weave pattern called Log Cabin or in other places Basket Twill.  Won't you be shocked to find that I am not always following the pattern?  (no, I didn't think you would be shocked. ha ha)   Adding some other elements/ colors makes it more interesting, don't you think?
On the Saori loom, I am weaving some handspun yarn on a black wool warp. Notice the black pattern lines on the woven part that are created by threading the loom differently - or as a traditional weaver might say "You didn't thread it right!" But some of those -maybe all of them -were on purpose.

I have a small bin of yarn that I have spun to continue with this for a while.
 And let me close with this cute picture I found on the internet- if you saw the movie Up!  you will laugh even more.

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