Monday, April 14, 2014

A Little Progress

But only a little progress has been made on quilting the Wonky Squares.  I did two of the squares on the second section I am quilting.  Clearly I am out of practice.

But I think I will mention that this has poly batting and that it is harder to maneuver under the needle.

But hey, progress is all good, right?

This is slow because I am working on something else that I can't show here, at least, not for a while yet.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yippee! A winner!!!

The giveaway for the stiletto that I made is complete.   I used to generate a number and the winner is lucky #4

 And #4 is Beebee - she said:
Beebee will get stiletto #1 and a small surprise in her package. 
Congrats to beebee.  I have emailed you for a mailing address.  I will get your prize to you as soon as I can.

And for the rest of you here is a bit of eye candy.  This is one of my abstracted landscapes. It is also one of my favorite pieces that I have painted.
an abstract landscape

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fallen off the Earth

Yes I know it seems that I have fallen off the face of the earth, but that is not the case.   I just haven't had much time to make things.
So let me share a painting with you.

A number of years ago, I took a class with artist Janet Rogers.  This was a watercolor class on flowers and portraits.  Janet had a couple of paintings where she only painted a partial face. I was totally intrigued by them.  So I did a few of them.  This painting "That Look" was painted from a picture I took of a co-worker.  I also did a full portrait of her, but I can't find a picture of it.   I do love the way I was able to preserve the white areas in this. 

By the way, my giveaway ends Friday night. 

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Monday, April 07, 2014

My Winnings -and a Giveaway

I have recently won two fabric prizes.

The first one was on FaceBook--  Hoffman California Fabrics - had a giveaway and I was the first one to comment.  Believe it or not, the Random generator chose #1.   I got this lovely stack of one yard cuts.  They are all batiks in my favorite range of colors.
Blues that have a green shade (teal, aqua, turquoise) are my favorites --and I have come to love greens to go with it.  Yummy, huh?

Then I won a prize from Richard and Tanya Quilts. It was a "LAFF" (Link a Finish Friday) and also their daughter Julia's birthday.   Here is where it gets funny -  when they announced the prize here is what was posted "Yes, I could not believe it, I never roll a one, but this time I did.  Gene Black won!"
I can't believe that #1 was a winner twice for me.   And here are the pretty fat quarters that I won.

They are soft muted pretty designs that I wouldn't have bought, but I will certainly use them!  They will go wonderfully with some brights for contrast, don't you think?

So now for a giveaway to keep the good karma going - and honestly - to celebrate my decision to retire.  You may remember the stilettos that I made a little over a week ago.    I got eighteen comments on that post and I said that there just might be a giveaway coming.   I had mine picked out before I showed them. (Okay, T.M.  don't faint on me.)  I chose the green one to keep as my working stiletto.  
So, I am giving away ONE of the others.  Because there was a little confusion with the comments and I wasn't sure which one a few people meant, I have numbered them on the picture below. 

Here is the deal.  Leave a comment telling me which one (number please!) you like best AND what type of fabric (floral, stripes etc) and what color fabric you use most for sewing.  This is all one comment.  If  you were one of the 18 commenters on the previous post about these stilettos, you can leave me a second comment telling me so. (I will check -and it is too late to go comment on it now!)

Someone will win a stiletto and perhaps some other prize to go with it.  I will leave this open until Friday April 11th at midnight.

FYI  quiltpatternspro(dot)com  steals blog posts,  if you are reading this there, they have stolen my writing and reposted it.  My blog is
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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Looming Large

This has become an exiting time in my life. It has been a bit thought provoking and a time of exploration.  You see I have made a major decision that will affect me for years to come.  After much deliberation and a good bit of number crunching, I have decided to retire from my day job!  In May, I will have completed my 25 years of service and will be eligible to retire.  This will change my daily life as well as my level of income.  I am confident that this is the right decision.  So on June first, I will begin life as a retiree. Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!! ?   Yes, June first is looming large.

I will have more time to play with quilting and making quilts, like these:

I will also have more time to weave on my looms.  Currently, there is a lovely scarf in mostly fall colors on the Cricket rigid heddle loom.

In my mind, weaving is very much like quilting in that, I get to choose the colors and the designs.  This particular piece is very free-form like much of my quilting.  The person I am making it for said "Make it in fall colors. Brown is one of my favorite colors."  So there are several browns in the warp -from chocolate to mocha. There is also a variegated yarn that has tans, gray and a bit or orange in it. I just had to add a few boucle (homespun type) strands in a variegated orange also.  To me, fall has lots of orange and brown.  However, there are some gray skies and sometimes a perfect fall day has bright blue. So, there are inclusions of bits of blue.
In my mind, this scarf has a name - Fall Fantasy. This is not a colorway I would have done on my own, but I am really loving it.

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