Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little idea

Someone emailed to "check on" me since I have been quiet since Wednesday.  I am doing well.  I just haven't taken time to blog.

I did have an idea while lying in bed this morning prior to getting up.
I want to do a big star block and surround it with tumbler blocks.   I had to use EQ and Photoshop to get the idea going.  Here is my mockup.  I couldn't get the tumblers on the sides to look right just yet so I just threw in blank yellow area for now.

Not bad, but still not what I envisioned.  At least now I have made a "note" for myself and can come back to it later. 


  1. That will be an interesting quilt. Do you mean to make several blocks like this or will the quilt just have one HUGE star and then lots of tumblers around the edges? (Back to my dungeon to type now!!!)

  2. Interesting certainly have alot of fun ideas.

  3. Oh, don't put it down now! I like it. It kind of has a southwest feel at the moment, but I think that is enhanced by it being two toned.

  4. I like this pattern too!!!

  5. Hello Gene,
    I found you by way of a comment you left on Wanda's (Exuberant Color) blog. I was intrigued that a man had commented, so I clicked to see what you do. You go, guy! I love your work. Karmen

  6. It's a *great* start, and for some reason my mind wants to tweak those tumblers sideways in the blank areas. Don't even know if that would work, but it's a thought. I'm sure your more imaginative mind will figure something out.

  7. I'm working on a Civil War quilt and wanted to put a big star in the middle of it and couldn't for the life of me figure out how EQ puts a big block surrounded by little blocks. Is it in the manual? I like your pattern, I'm just now getting into stars.


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