Monday, January 30, 2012

Applique -Fuse & Sew

As many of you know, I don't normally do applique.  However, I have a few AccuQuilt Go!  applique dies.  One of these is the GO! Bird die.  It is just one simple little bird shape.   Birds make me think of happy days, freedom and flying.  I would love to be able to just fly up high in the sky and soar.  Do you have "flying dreams" ?  I know I do.  My flying dreams are usually happy dreams when I am resting well.

Oops, I got lost there.  Ha ha.  I decided to fuse some fabric - well, actually I was fusing some solids for a quilt along that I plan on doing.  I used up all of my Wonder Under -so I ordered more!  But I had some Misty Fuse so I grabbed a couple of batik fabrics and put Misty Fuse on the back of them.
I have to tell you that I have issues with Misty Fuse.  For me it is hard to cut due to the lack of a paper backing. My poor old eyes have a hard time focusing on it.  There are some things I love about it also. if I mis-cut the Misty Fuse then I can either just add a bit along the edge OR if it is just a little too wide, I can fold it back on itself and it hardly makes it any thicker.  You can't do that with paper backed fusibles -at least not easily.  So really, the good outweighs the bad. Yeah, that MistyFuse is a good product.

So, I cut some birds with my die.  **Today's tip: if you are die cutting pre-fused fabrics, where the fused pieces touch you will need a layer of release paper between them.  Otherwise they will be VERY difficult to separate (ask me how I know!) **   Then I cut a thin wavy piece of pre-fused fabric for a branch.  I got a background piece and fused them down. Ahhh..that feels good.,
Next I layered some  tearaway/washaway embroidery stabilizer behind it.  At the machine, I set up for a blanket stitch and outlined it all.   Here it is:

My blanket stitch accuracy needs a little work, but I like the overall outcome.  This will end up somewhere in a quilt I am sure.


  1. Cute way to use the bird die.....yep....I found that to be so about putting a piece of paper between the fabrics if you are cutting more than one...many a frustrated moment and a few irritated words later I would finally get them apart....

  2. I love those birds! I do hope to see them in one of your quilts, soon!

  3. You must be in BIRD mode.....the other day a chicken (rooster?) and now this!!! Very nice!

  4. At least you got that blanket stitch frontwards. My first effort was backwards, with the straight line on the inside of the fabric instead of along the edge. LOL! Looks good!

  5. Thanks for sharing how you did this. It will be a nice addition to a quilt.

  6. And here I thought I was the only one who dreamed of flying.
    Love the birds and the story!!

  7. How sweet! I have never had a flying dream ... NEVER. Everyone else in my family flies in their dreams all the time. And it's so funny to me, because I'm one of the goofiest. Ah well . . . :)

  8. Sandwich the Misty Fuse between the fabric and some parchment paper, the kind used for baking. The misty fuse will adhere to the parchment but peels off easily, like release paper. Might make it easier to cut with the GO cutter with parchment on the back of your fused fabric. I have not tried this because I don't have a die cutting machine. I do use this technique with Misty Fuse but I usually peel it off the parchment before cutting (with scissors).

  9. Gene...your birds are so cute...I love what you nice. I need to get out of my rut and do something new...someday...LOL


  10. Love your birdies...That would make a cute quilt with different colors of birds in each block. Thanks for the tips on Misty Fuse! :)

  11. Soooo cute Gene! I especially like your free form branch. I used to dream about flying all the time...hmmmmm.....wonder why I don't now?

    Something new to ponder.


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