Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy busy busy

Whew,  why is it that the holidays turn into a whirlwind of activity?  There seems to be so much to do and never enough time to get it all done.
I haven't had a lot of time for sewing but I did whip out a few Christmas presents for some work friends on our team.
I know that I already showed you the quilted trivets for my boss.  She is getting two.  Several other co-workers are getting just one.  Two of them will get almost identical ones (on either side) and the other will get the one I made of a giant half square triangle block.  Then there is that little kindle cover in the back.  Let me show you a better picture of it. - or maybe two.  It is a different kind of thing because my kindle cover was admired profusely by the recipient. (yes I think I can take a hint!)
 Here is the back of it.  It is in a camouflage fabric because the recipient likes camo.
Then inside it has elastic straps to hold the kindle in place.
I can't show the front of it because of privacy issues. She has problems with having her name put "out there" LOL... Not me, my name is all over the internet.  But I respect her privacy.
Are you ready for Christmas?  I wish I could say that I am - but I am sure I have forgotten something!


  1. I finished the last thing yesterday - 3 batches of jam. I am ready! Today I even got to sew on a projext for myself. Heaven. :-)

  2. I thought I would be in a mad rush to get mum's Xmas quilt ready in time, but managed. Albeit a slightly rushed job (however a stress free job!). I have a friend who has a kindle and would be very interested in doing something similar!

  3. I always start with high expectations, but then fumble at the last minute. One of these years I'll learn...

    Relax and enjoy the season!

  4. I am almost done with all my Christmas to do stuff! Kids will be here off and on from Friday and leave Christmas Day. They will be dividing time with both sides of the family here in town. It will be a blast because our 4 year old grandson will be here. I just wanted to stop by Gene and wish you a Merry Christmas! God bless you...have fun over the holidays!

  5. You certainly have a lot of fun things going on over there....I am sure the receivers will just love it!

  6. Beautiful! I have finished sewing and now I need to do my wrapping.

  7. Just have a couple more things to wrap and I will be done with the portion of the program. LOL
    I still have not decorated the house, except for some holiday quilts.
    I like the trivets. I made a Kindle cover and it was fun.

  8. I'm way behind! Kinda like the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying....the hurrier I go, the behinder I get. LOL

  9. Those trivets are so colorful and pretty! Someday I'll make myself a Kindle cover ... when I get my Kindle!

  10. They all look wonderful. Would be great to see a tutorial for the kindle cover... hint.. hint...
    I dont think I am ever ready for Christmas but it always works out just fine :)

  11. The gifts look great, just had to pop over here to your blog, I kept seeing you over at Eat, Sleep, Quilt, so now I am a follower of yours. Happy Quilting

  12. nice gifts. Merry Christmas!


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