Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Slow but sure-learning as I go.

In case you have been wondering, I really have been watching the Leah Day class and working on my quilt.  Really I have!  Okay, so I only got two or three blocks and some stippling done Monday night. Then Tuesday night I did two more blocks and finished the quilting on that "half" of the quilt.

 I couldnt' get a picture of the whole thing where I had light...so this is most of it.
I love the variations in the quilting designs all over it.  Here are some peeks at it from the back so you can see all the texture there too.

There are all kinds of straight line designs, curvy designs and mixtures of the the two. Each block of color on the front is surrounded by stippling.  On this half of the quilt alone, I have used almost 500 yards of thread for the quilting. (That does NOT include the piecing thread!) So, now I have to use another color of thread for the other half.  Since this is a variegated thread, I will see if I have another variegated that is similar.  Hopefully it won't be too obvious.

Hey, did you know that Craftsy has free patterns and recipes?  I was surprised to find that that there is so much.

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Free Quilting Patterns at Craftsy
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Check it out.  You don't even have to enter any payment information. Just sign up for a free account.  Of course you can take some free courses too - and then you may WANT to take a paid course.  Don't blame me if you enjoy it!


  1. Your quilting is awesome! It looks great.

  2. Look at all those nice and even stitches - great work!

  3. Gene your stitching is wonderful...

  4. Loving this one, and the variegated quilting threads. Your quilting is amazing! Thanks for the tip!

  5. You are making great progress. Love the quilting and using variegated thread is a fantastic idea!!

  6. The quilting is awesome! You are really inspiring me.

  7. Doing awesome!!!!

    Yes, I have the free pizza making..

  8. It's amazing how much thread you go through with FMQ. Everything is looking wonderful.

  9. Gene, you're doing a great job! I never got started, shame on me :o(


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