Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Red and Blue Finished

The meditative weaving led to a lovely finished product.  I would certainly say that I found a flow while making it. Watching the warp and weft combine into a pattern is wonderfully calming to me.
This evening, after taking the piece off the loom, joy in the creation filled me.

We are truly blessed to be creative folk.

How could I resist holding and caressing and yes even trying it on.  The variations in color and the little bits of "surprise" yarns woven into it make my eyes happy.  The soft feel makes my hands happy.  Knowing that someone will love this and wear it with joy (I hope) is pure happiness.
Here is a little close up.

Every piece I weave amazes me. Parts of it look like quilt squares to me.
I hope you remember to not put a bridle on your creativity.  It should run wild and free.

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  1. I am sure you have to snuggle with every quilt you make too. Don't they just feel so soft and yummy.

  2. Only a TRULY creative one can be unbridled and free...I think you are of the UNbridled!

    Great job Gene...I love. May I have one is AUBURN orange and blue ;)

  3. Really lovely, Gene! She will love it?

  4. Beautiful weaving.

  5. Lovely weaving, beautiful sentiment.

  6. Oh....la la....love love love....love it....

  7. Gorgeous! And it looks so very soft.

  8. Very pretty and I agree with you the little bits of surprise yarn here and there make the piece!

  9. I never knew how much creativity I had until I started to quilt and now I have more ideas, thanks to blogs than I'll ever finish in my lifetime.It's nice to make something to help others.

  10. Every one is different and unique. I love the variations and the bits of 'other' yarns that take them to another level.


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