Monday, May 26, 2014

A Finish and a Change

After two peaceful days and some time to enjoy the rigid heddle loom,  I have finished the navy and orange scarf.   Since I woke up in an interesting mood, the pictures are different than what you often see from me.  I tried to make them a bit more artistic. You can laugh if you want.

I did the flower arrangement. -aren't you impressed?

The gourd is an odd setting but I just wanted to try it.  We bought this gourd from an artist who was sketching on them and selling them at a gourd show in Cullman, Alabama.

Yesterday afternoon, I was in a relaxed mood, so I changed the setting of this little Japanese tea set. This painting, painted by my Nana, didn't have a place to be happy.  I love the way it adds a spark of color near to this corner shelf with the tea set.

In closing, I bid you a wonderful Memorial Day.  Remember those who fought and gave their lives for Freedom.

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  1. Very impressive Gene.

  2. Love your tea set. I have one that I need to use more.

  3. Beautiful scarf and settings. The gourd is really cool. Your Nana has an eye for one of my favorite subjects in art, trees. Nice post!

  4. Pretty flower arrangement and a very interesting gourd.

    The scarf turned out beautifully!

  5. I'm late seeing this post, but love the pics. I took a Craftsy class on photographing your work and this is exactly the type of setting they suggested. I have been photographing my quilts laying across the stair banister and across a chair and together with children's toys/books. It us a little hard to find that many different settings, but if I would go outdoors, I'm sure it would be easier.


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