Sunday, June 01, 2014

A New Chapter - And an Update

Today is actually the "official" day of my retirement.  I have retired from my day job.  My last day was actually Friday.  Thus I am starting a new chapter in my life.

Recently it was Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day.   I did enter a few of the giveaways and I actually won one.  Yaay!  My win came from Aunt Polly's Porch.  I won a lovely layer cake of Hemming House by Moda.  And it came with a book "The Sweet Life" by Anka's Treasures.
This book features projects made with layer cakes!  Perfect combo huh?  

I have lots of yard work that I need to do -sigh!  That will slow down my creative time for a few days.  I have some volunteer trees that need dug up.  My decorative bushes need pruned severely!  And I am going to start doing my own lawn again since I will have a lower income and can't really afford to have it done now.

I was going to show my roses which have been blooming but it appears I was a bit late. So the one picture I took got the photoshop treatment to make it look better.
The roses have faded badly and the thunderstorm yesterday trashed them.

I have a volunteer magnolia that sprung up in my compost pile.  It is in a good place so I will not be digging it up.  Last year it had one bloom.  I am hoping for several this year.  The magnolia is as tall as I am!
 It is loaded with leaves and lots of bud pods.   I was thinking these were going to be blooms, but while I was out taking photos, I realized that they are new leaves that form in a husk.(I doubt husk is the right word, but I am at a loss.
Here is a closeup of one of the leaves breaking out of the shell.   Magnolias are fantastic to have for the leaves if you are doing a tablescape.  The leaves are clean and don't shed bits that need cleaned up.  The flowers of the magnolia are big, beautiful and fragrant.   I am happy that this one volunteered.

I have sewn a few more chemo caps and turbans but I didn't photograph them.  Tomorrow is delivery day for the ones I am taking to my aunt.

See you soon - unless I get lost in the weeds -either literally or figuratively! Ha ha.

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  1. Congratulations on retirement. You are going to love it!

  2. YAY! Congratulations on your retirement. As for your lower income, don't forget to call your car insurance agent and tell them you use your car for pleasure only, not commuting. Your rates might go down a bit and every bit helps. More money for fabric! ;-> After yard work is over ENJOY your retirement!!! ;-> Toni Anne

    Happy first day of the rest of your life.

  3. Congratulations, Gene. I am so proud for you and of you. I can't wait to see what creative ideas you come up with now!

  4. Congratulation Gene! I'm very happy for you! I'm 52 so years to go before I join you. From what I've been told, you'll soon wonder how you ever had time to work!

  5. I'm in my 4th year of retirement and loving every minute. Enjoy - it will be the best time of you life.

  6. Congratulations! Three years ago I left teaching and called it a "change of career" not retirement. I have been busier, never bored, sleep great now, and am a better artist. I encourage to write goals and give yourself some parameters that you want to achieve in 6 months, a year, and further. If you don't plan, the tyranny of the urgent will suck up all available time and you will wonder how you found time to work. I started off taking some classes, signing up for workshops and going to a quilt retreat (not expensive). Started a blog, but you already did that!

  7. Congratulations on your retirement. I know that you will have so much fun.

  8. Alright!!!! Good for you...I am so happy for you Gene!!!! I'm doing a happy dance for you.

  9. Congratulations on your new chapter in life. I am sure your creative juices will be overflowing with ideas.
    I have been a blogging friend with Polly for a few years now. She is a retired teacher and enjoying her new chapter too.
    Wishing you wonderful health and lots of time to explore the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.
    With best wishes always,
    Warmest regards,

  10. Congratulations on your retirement. It is wonderful!

  11. Congratulations on retirement!

  12. Enjoy discovering what awaits!

  13. Hope you enjoy your first week without work. So much fun to have no schedule.

  14. Gene don't make me come down there and pull you out of the weeds. Might be a snake in there. Enjoy my friend:)

  15. congrats on your retirement. In a few days you will wonder how you ever had time to even go to work!LOL
    Enjoy your time and have fun!

  16. enjoy your retirement-the best thing for me-was no more of those long commutes-I can finally just stay home-love that!
    we can't keep up with the yard work this year-humid and so much rain-but rain is good since we don't usually don't get enough here

  17. I am so jealous - I have a year and half to go. Congrats - you are going to love it

  18. A big congrats on your retirement!! It is truly heavenly !! Thanks for the blog shout- out! Hope you enjoy the fabric and book!!

  19. Yay! You made it Gene!! Enjoy your retirement don't worry, the yardwork will always be there if you decide to put it off a day or two ;)

  20. Congratulations on your retirement. You will love it!

  21. Oh Gene congrats on your retirement I may be looking at starting over at my age that is scary but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I know you will really use your new found free time very well. Have fun!


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