Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sunny Skies: Tool Time - November Island Batik Challenge

Welcome to my blog post for the November Island Batik Tool Time challenge.  Roughly half of the Island Batik Ambassadors are doing  "Tool Time" this month, while the alternate group is doing "A Piece Of...." to showcase new fabrics.
I have found that these challenges bring out the best in my quilting.  I love the rush of creating something new while fitting into the challenge theme.

If you saw my post way back in August, you know that I am using Triangles On A Roll as my tool for this challenge.  The top of this quilt was mostly done early, but then life interfered with getting it completed.  However, I did get it finished (and posted) before the end of November, so I am good. Ha ha.

I started by designing the quilt to use lots of half-square triangles - just so I could use the "tool" I had chosen for the challenge.  To use the  Triangles On A Roll  it is necessary to cut pieces of fabric just slightly bigger than the section of paper you are using.  I discovered that with these I only wanted it big enough to do twelve sets of triangles at most. If you can read the fine print on this photo you can tell that for four units, you will need two 10" squares.  Since I was using some squares from an Island Batik Stack of Sunny Side Up, this was perfect for me.

I also used some yardage. For those units I could use more than one section of four at a time.
** Late addition: It is on the instructions but I want to remind you that you should lower your stitch length to make it easier to tear away the paper.

It was challenging but also fun to sort out the color arrangement. I had worked that out prior to starting using another tool that I love: Electric Quilt 8.

I made lots of half square triangles, 96 if you are counting! I probably made a few extra that will show up in a scrap quilt later.  I also used the Accuquilt Go! cutter and a die from the Qube Companion set "Angles" for the inner border that completes the design.  Accuquilt gave each ambassador a cutter and Qube 8" set.  However,  I did purchase the "Angles" companion set as I saw the value in having it for designs I want to make.
There are 48 border units so it was a big help. The border units are made with the angle die "14" from the Qube 8" Corner Companion.  This die makes the sides of the Triangle in a Square block. When you join two of them, they create a 4" by 2" section.  That worked perfectly with my Triangles On a Roll units.
You can see the border units on the far left of the photo.
I used Hobbs Premium Cotton batting for this quilt as I expect it to be used and washed a lot. With this batting I can machine wash and dry the quilt with no worries. I love using Hobbs Batting.

The quilting thread is from Aurifil and was in my July box of goodies that were provided to me from Island Batik and partners.

It is a subtly variegated yellow to white.  It is so subtle that I originally thought it was just yellow.  I realized that it was variegated when I started winding bobbins for quilting.  It worked out fantastically on the quilt.

So now, how about some quilt photos?

Draped on an old fence
After two days of rain, it is amazing how beautiful that blue sky looks.

On the ground in a field

Sunny Skies on the porch steps under skies that are indeed sunny today. 

Full View, taken from the porch with the quilt laid on the ground

The Island Batik fabric, Hobbs batting, Aurifil thread, and the Accuquilt Go! cutter were given to me as an Island Batik Ambassador in consideration for promoting these brands while creating the challenge quilts.

I love using these fine products for creating glorious quilts and quilted items.

I hope you are finding a way to stay creative too. Remember, a few minutes each day will add up to great accomplishments if you are consistent.

I hope you have been following the Island Batik "A Piece Of...." Blog hop.  If not you can find the round up of week two HERE.  You should really be following as there are some wonderful giveaways involved.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Binding Ready to Apply

"How do you eat an elephant?" the little girl asked.  Her wise old grandfather replied, "A little bit at a time!"

This quilt is coming together "a little bit at a time."  True, there is no elephant involved.  Still, when you are so busy with other things in life, you can still fit in a creative project in the time that you do have.  For this quilt, I chose a lovely yellow fabric for the binding.  This one is called Tossed Mermaids from the Islander line by Island Batik
Isn't it fun and whimsical?
It was difficult to use this fun design and cut it up  because I know as a binding you would not see the mermaids.  But the color goes very well with my blue and yellow quilt.  So, I cut it.

The binding is rolled up on an empty Aurifil spool waiting until I have time to sew it onto the quilt.  I used the same yellow variegated Aurifil thread to join the binding as I used for quilting.
I will also be using it to sew on the binding and sew it down. I love this thread! 

Remember that you can find time to fit some creativity into your day. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

Comments are welcomed. I will reply when possible. Of course if you are a "No Reply Blogger"- I can not reply. Links in comments will result in the entire comment being deleted.