Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blue Fall Reflections

Blue Fall Reflections

I love the intensity of this painting. The trees were formed by applying paint then pressing another piece of watercolor paper to the surface to "smoosh" the paint. This created texture lines which became the lighter tree branches. Then the other parts of the painting were done in a traditional manner.
I love to play with my paint and see what magic will happen. I think this one made a nice magic.


Tammy said...

Definitely a nice magic! This is quite lovely!


~jolene said...

Well Gene, as you know, I commented once on Blue Fall Reflections...and I was articulate..and then blogger misbehaved and no post appeared :(

I loved that you said you "play with my paint"...I think that is what many of us "miss" while creating...YOU remember, and your art connects with us.

Keep sharing -- your art and your words, please!