Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Morning Magic

Morning Magic
A Giclee of this painting is available at American Frame Art Gallery

The original is also available for sale. The image is approximately 21" wide by 14" high.
Please contact me for pricing details.

I painted this piece over several days. Then I let it sit. I do this so that I can see if I still love it after the love affair while painting it has gone.
After a couple of weeks, I decided that nothing I could do to it would improve it. While this is an abstract work, I see an amazing "picture" here. There is a brilliant fiery sunrise in the background with a couple of tree branches crossing the view. Hiding among the leaves of the tree are bluebirds. These birds are singing and rejoicing in a perfect sunrise. It is a new day. Rejoice.


~jolene said...

How fitting that the first blog I read this morning is yours...and I am taken to your Magic Morning.

YOU have made the beginning of my day magical with this...

I just can't stop looking at it - saying.."wow", "wow", "wow"....(perhaps not very articulate...but pre- TEA that is about as good as my vocabulary is!)LOL!

Gene Black said...

Thanks. "Wow" is a good comment. I am happy with "wow" even if it is not overly articulate.