Thursday, June 22, 2006

Painted Lands

I mentioned that I had done some "starts" over the past few days. This was one of those starts.

This painting started with a sprinkle of powered charcoal. Water was poured to create patterns in the charcoal. After this dried, the remainder was painted with watercolor.

Please comment, I would like opinions, suggestions etc. Should I change anything on this? Should I crop it?


~jolene said...

A 'start' doesn't always need an 'end'...does it?

I would not change a thing on Painted 'starts' my imagination running...don't fence it in, don't make me stop...

I feel 'freedom' when I look at this...


Chelsae said...

Gene! I LOVE THIS! It's such a beautiful piece. It reminds me mesas painted in the fading light of the setting sun, or the joy of spring just starting after a browned and boring end to winter.

I agree with Jolene it's quite an inspirational painting. The imagination can take you all over the place in a painting like this.

WONDERFUL! Just the way it is!