Monday, June 19, 2006

Try it Tuesdays

I have been doing an art challenge/learning experience since the inception. It is called "Try It Tuesdays." Each week brings an exciting new technique to try. They are posted on Tuesdays (imagine that!) EVEN better, there are prizes. The prizes are totally random. The only requirements are that you:
a. do the technique
b. post a picture of it on Flickr or your blog
c. Register on the website that you have posted the picture.

This week I am the winner. I did the torn paper technique on a piece of mat board.
Week 5 -Torn Paper Background
I will use it later as a background for a collage.

Try it Tuesdays
The prize this week was from Covet Me


Judy Scott said...

congratulations, beautiful work Gene, Judy x

Judy Scott said...

Hi Gene, this piece is 5" x 5" I had to cut this down to fit in a portfolio I presented at college. I usually work on a larger scale A3 size its better that way just enjoy and its fine as a background or a finished piece. Judy x