Sunday, July 16, 2006

Peaceful Weekend

Sometimes a peaceful weekend is what you need to refresh your soul and kick your muse into action.

This morning I sat on the deck and looked at , I mean REALLY LOOKED at the poplar tree. I have "seen" the poplar many times. I had never noticed the growth pattern of the leaves. The poplar has leaves that grow in a radial pattern and make circular patterns.

I don't expect to paint a poplar tree anytime soom but sitting peacefully just really observing the common...the things you DON'T really look at can soothe the soul.

Go and soothe your soul

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~jolene said...

How wise it is to STOP.
Why is it we feel "guilty" when we do?
And yet, it is in these moments when we "let it be" comfort comes to us.

We live in such a fast moving world, where even a microwave dinner seems 'to take forever' these days because our lives are so busy with 'things to do'.

To sit on the deck, SEE the just gave yourself a wonderful gift.