Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stem Cell

While this isn't about art, it is about life and making the world a better place. I think a grave injustice has been done. This editorial from our local paper says it well.

Stem cell veto saves no lives

At his first-ever veto ceremony, rejecting a bill that would have allowed more funding for stem cell research, President Bush surrounded himself with children who were adopted while still embryos.
But the bill Bush rejected wouldn’t have prevented a single one of those babies from being born. The bill was very specific and allowed federal money to be used only for embryos that would otherwise be destroyed, not adopted.

By opposing this medical research, Republicans are handing the lead in an important 21st-century industry to other countries. Second, and more important, their actions are delaying the kinds of breakthroughs that could stop pain, suffering and death for you or someone you love.

Why does the Republican Party think it’s better to throw away microscopic cells than to use them to save you or your loved ones from nightmares like those of Ronald Reagan, Michael J. Fox or Christopher Reeve?

The president’s veto won’t save a single life, but it may cost many lives and cause much needless suffering.

Alan L. Light
Iowa City, Iowa


~jolene said...

Gene, thank you for posting Alan L. Light's commentary.

If only Bush would see the 'light'...but, we know his head is where the sun don't shine....on so many issues.

Sarah said...

*sigh* and we still have almost 2.5 year left to put up with him :(

Sarah said...

*sigh* and we still have almost 2.5 year left to put up with him :(