Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tagged by Jolene

Jolene tagged me so here goes.
The rules are as follows:

(1) You must name where you live.

(2) You must include at least one and no more than six photos. The photos must show things within a 20 minute walk of your home. Also the photos must have been taken specifically for the meme.

(3) You must tag at least one person.
I live in Anniston, Alabama. It is "the city" but it is rural. All of Alabama is considered rural.
I am cheating I will post 7 sue me!
In the planter by my front steps I have hostas.
They are blooming. Aren't the blooms lovely?
In the same planter I have frogs and dark purple oxalis
Look, there on the back gate, sitting on the post is a "june bug"
Out the back gate is Gary and Alice's Garden.
The corn is not doing so well.
it has been dry and it is hard.
The tomatoes are yummy! Here are a couple that are almost ripe!

Look, Gary is out on the tractor working the land.
That building was at one time "apartments."
They burned when a woman left a little girl on the bed,
playing with a cigarette lighter.
At Gary and Alice's back door is Nick the bird.
Nick can bark like a dog, say a few phrases and
laugh madly.
Nick says "Hi ya'll"
Now, I tag Jill
I just wonder what she will come up with!


~jolene said...

Your photos are WONDERFUL! It is SoCool seeing a glimpse of what you see each day. It brings Internet friends together!

I loved the photo of Gary and Alice's garden...and Gary on his that is something this beach girl never sees! And your flowers and frogs! I love frogs! And whew, that is not what we call June Bugs in California..ours are tiny and brown and totally disgusting! I just chased two out of the cottage the other night!! Ew!!

Of course now I am wishing you had a recording of Nick barking like a dog!

You are a class "A" tagger my friend!
Thanks for playing!!!!

AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
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