Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mixed Media

I am working on a mixed media "painting"

I think that it is not finished. Perhaps your input could make a difference. What things do you find distracting, or perhaps just and addition of ??? would make it better. Let me know what you think.
Gene it is.

It now has a name: Metaphysical Continuance and it is entered in an exhibit. (edited to add) The name was later changed back to Jadia Mazan. I just liked this name better and well...I was wishy-washy about it. LOL


~jolene said...

I found nothing distracting in the piece. And to my eye it is complete.

Here is what I saw:
An old tree, yet rich with foilage, to the left I see an 'orange' area outlined in me it was immediately a baby bird, mouth wide open, waiting for Mama...the season is fall and the colors drew me in to its cool crispness...

This is a piece I would love to own if I were a la la la la...LOL!

BellaKarma said...

I see a crane...a pink flamingo and a tail of a fox! I love it too! And mom is singing Gwen Stefani?! :)