Thursday, October 05, 2006

Art by the Card

Hi everyone. As a form of enforced creativity, I am doing a challenge called Sharpie Art by the Card. Our group is making ATCs (artist trading cards) during the month of October. I have signed up to create 90 cards (roughly three a day.)

What I have discovered is that I can find time to make the cards even when I don't want to do it. I also am trying new ideas and formats. There is no promise that every card will be "good art" BUT I have surprised myself more than once.

My cards are on my Flickr account at

Take a look. Grab some Sharpies (or pens or pencils of your choice) and cut some cardstock into 2.5 x 3.5 inch pieces and give it a try.

Set your own challenge. Have fun & CREATE!


Sarah said...

90 cards in a month is so many! But you are Gene Black, an Alabama Artist and you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Writing a blog is sometimes a very tough thing to keep fresh. I like the way you have been posting and hope you can keep it going.
Great Fitness

BellaKarma said...

Wow! I went to your Flikr! I have Sharpies...but they don't do that! Although, I do know where I can get a set of 12 Sharpies in various hues for .98cents. And about your ATCs again: WOW!!!

Gene Black said...

Thanks Jill,
I am jealous about the .98 cent Sharpie set. Are they the real ones from Sanford?

You can do it too. Just start. It takes a while but you can do it. I know you have art in you, I know your mama.

PennyBlue said...

Very very cool! if I didn't have so much going on, I'd take you up on your challenge! Love them sharpies!