Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun paintings - different but still in layers

On Wednesday night of last week, our instructor did a demo for the entire group. (all three classes) Before the demo, in our class, she said "Pay attention, this is one of your lessons for tomorrow."

WOW what a great lesson and lots of fun. So I painted two of them tonight. Okay, I had a start on them already-because you have to have a "backgound" to paint on. It is best if it is a visually textured piece. This one had me stymied - so I did bottles on it. I loved the results. What do you think of my bottles?



Maggie Dragonmoon said...

Lovely work, Gene. Your bottles are very beautiful.

Sarah said...

Oooooh lovely! Great work.

PennyBlue said...

Sounds like the workshop was a HUGE success! And judging by your paintings, you obviously came away with something. I love the bottles. LOve the idea of layering the colors. But how do they not turn to brown mush?? Share more with us Gene!