Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Painting In Layers - VERY BASIC instruction

BlueJude asked for more information - so I am going to share.

First of all when you paint in layers use liquid acrylics (I use Golden brand because they are mostly transparent) The transparency of the paint is important to the depth both of color and perceived dimension. I also thin these with water and Acrylic Glazing Liquid.

Each layer must be allowed to dry before adding the next layer. Otherwise the colors will mix rather than glaze. With each new layer you can also add or remove texturing materials OR paint around shapes (as in the bottles)

With the bottles I draw them with chalk (which washes away easily) then paint negatively around them. ON the next layer I add more shapes and paint around the new AND the previous shapes.

Remember, let each layer dry completely before adding another paint layer. Otherwise you MAY get muddy colors.


PennyBlue said...

Gee thanks Gene! AHA the secret I see is in the Acrylics! Hmmm...why didn't I think of that? I guess sometimes the obvious eludes me!
tanks again!

Anonymous said...

Very cool effect! I'm not sure I have enough patience to wait while each layer dries, but I do love the end result you've gotten! I may have to give it a try!! :)

Gene Black said...

Tammy, you either:
a. work on several at a time
b. use a heat gun or hairdryer to speed it up a bit.