Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gallery --A new opportunity

Today I got a big surprise in my email. The web response form on my website was used by a gallery owner to ask if I would like to exhibit some work in their gallery. I did research to be sure they are legitimate and to the best of my detecting ability-they are. The gallery will open on December 9th. It is rather short notice but I think I can manage. The gallery owner particularly likes my abstract/non-representational work.
I have put together six pieces that are representative of my abstract/non-representational work as an offering. I am waiting on a response by email. I will call tomorrow to finalize some details. I am needless to say excited by this opportunity. I honestly wish that I had the time to frame a few of the pieces that I have in shrink-wrap. But for now and on short notice the already framed work is my offering.



~jolene said...

YOU are so awesome.
Rock On Gene!!!!!

Cellissimo said...

How exciting! Congratulations!