Friday, December 15, 2006

The Art of Writing

Writing is not the art form I am most passionate about as a creator. I honestly wish I were a writer. I love a good book. Crafting a story that keeps a person's interest is truly an art.

So...."why is he telling us this?, you say to your monitor.

Let me tell you why. My friend, via the internet, Becky Cochrane has a new book out. The title is "A Coventry Christmas." I started reading it this evening and have only just put it down because I wanted to tell you about it. All I am saying is this: Get it, read it and put some Magic in your Christmas season. I haven't finished it yet, but if it doesn't end well this post will self destruct! I should be finished sometime tomorrow (since tomorrow starts in 15 minutes.) I RARELY stay up this late so obviously the book captured me.

The big mystery is this: Will I go brush my teeth and go to bed? OR Will I brush my teeth and take the book and finish it before I go to sleep. If my eyelids don't snap shut, I will most likely finish the book tonite.

(Edited the next morning to add)
I finished the book after telling myself several times that I would put it down at the end of "this chapter." About 1:15 this morning I finished "A Coventry Christmas," sighed a contented sigh, and drifted off to a pleasant sleep. If you love a little romance, a little fun and a lot of good storytelling get this book. It will be great to read after the festivities die down and you need something to relax you.

Thanks Becky for a lovely story. I really enjoyed the ride.

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PennyBlue said...

Thanks for sharing! Always looking for a good book!