Monday, December 18, 2006

Making it!

Gifts should be from the heart and in that mode, I have chosen to make everything I give at work this year. I made these star ornaments with polymer clay, beads, wire and acrylic paint.
I think they are a lovely token gift for my co-workers.

Star Ornaments

I hope you like them. I highly recommend gifts that you make yourself. Put some love into them and share your artistic side. (Hey, even baking a cake is a creative endeavour.)


BellaKarma said...

Very cool! They'd make great necklaces too! So Pretty. I totally agree about gift-making. I've tried to do more of that this year... and next year I hope to be able to make all my loved ones something hand-crafted. :-)

~jolene said...

Lucky co-workers!
Gene, these are BEAUTIFUL!

Gene Black said...

Thanks Jill and Jolene,
One of my "fashion maven" co-workers is getting one (her request) as a pendant to go on a "neck wire" thing she wears a lot. I have made some pendants also. (smaller -that will be a new post later) I need a sales venue for them!

PennyBlue said...

Cool idea! I'm baking cookies with my 4 year old- does that count? lol

Gene Black said...

Of course baking cookies with a child counts. It takes a LOT of heart to do that! LOL. Have fun!