Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Making jewelry - a new endeavour

Since making the star ornaments as Christmas presents, I have been working with sculpted design in polymer clay. I found that it lends itself beautifully to jewelry design.
I have made several pendants that have my original designs impressed into them. I have developed some techniques on my own for this branching off from ideas that I have read in books and/or online.

Here are some samples:
Black and gold Pendant

Textured Cross

Black and Silver Pendant

Bronzed pendant

The one above "Bronzed Pendant" is for sale at ArtBoost

Gold and  Black Pendant


PennyBlue said...

These are wonderful gene! What color clay and paint did you use? They really look great!

Gene Black said...

I used black clay sometimes mixed with gold clay or silver clay. The only paint is either metallic gold powder or golden acrylics (in iridescent bronze, black and iridescent silver)

Tammy said...

Gene - these are just SOCOOL! I was considering buying the bronzed pendant, but found I'd been beaten to it!! :)

Gene Black said...

Tammy, The bronzed pendant (called Art in the Round Pendant on ArtBoost) is still for sale.

Tammy said...

I LOVE the pendant in real life! I've worn it several times now and get compliments every time! SOCOOL!

Gene Black said...

OH Great, I am so glad you like it and that you are getting compliments on it.