Monday, May 14, 2007

On my easel- finished or not?

I have several works that are in progress on my easel. I am thinking that maybe one or two may be finished. I need your opinions and ideas.


Door to Phantasie


Please chime in with your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Thanks in advance!


~jolene said...

Well....I love them all. The first feels soft and dreamy - the second feels innocent,childlike...the third..ahhhh...the third has stolen my heart. So rich in texture, so much to discover ...I want to stay and visit it and let my mind and senses wander.

In the short time I have known you and been priveleged to see your work I am AMAZED at how much you have grown as an artist. I am in awe. Sincerely, in awe.

Bravo my friend!

Gene Black said...

I am thinking that for tonite, I like the second one best. It looks much richer and has more depth in person. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Tammy said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!! The depth of color, with the white running through - so pretty!!

I think I'm with Jolene though - the third one is my very favorite!!

Char said...

Gene, the second one is perfection. Touch it not!

The first one I almost want to say should have a wash over parts of it to pull some of the white bits in. Unless of course they are meant to stand out as they do.

I found your blog on n'ness-you shouldn't have posted a link! -revenge of the lemur


Gene Black said...

Char, the lemur, thank you! I am glad to have you as a friend and guest here.

the white is meant to stand out --fyi it looks brighter on the computer monitor than in person so it balances well.
I decided that they are all done (for now anyway) I like them as they are.
(do you have a blog?)

Thanks again

Char said...

yeah, I have a blog I but most of my posts involve whining about how much I hate my dog. If you follow the link to my profile, it's there.

Be good or I may have to post some of those old N'ness threads. :P

cookievf said...

Hi Gene -

I'm a fan of #3. The texture and depth draw me in and make me want to reach through my monitor and touch it! Stunning just the way it is!!

Of course I love ALL that you do. You are one talented man! Loved the video ~ keep em coming and "hover" a little longer over each piece so we can really take it in. Great idea with the dryer!

- vicki xo