Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pedaling Art Show (and an auction)

I will be participating this weekend in the Pedaling Art Show as a part of the Noble Street Festival in Anniston, Alabama. http://www.noblestreetfestival.com/art_show.htm

This year I will have at least a few pieces of my jewelry on sale as well as some notecards that are printed with my art. Of course I will have some original paintings for sale, like "The Fishes" and "Herewith" below in my blog. I have some more 5" by 7" paintings that I have "almost finished" that will be going also.

Send good vibes, or say a prayer (or whatever you do) that I will have a good day with sales. (and that the rain doesn't happen when it will damage my stuff)

I almost forgot that Friday night is the Visual Arts Society Gala and Auction. I have donated a painting (called Vivid Landscape in this blog-later renamed to Music of the Mountains)
I am hoping it will sell well and bring lots of $$$ to fund scholarships thru the society.

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Sarah said...

Here's hoping you sell out under clear skies!