Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In the Gloaming

In the Gloaming
Originally uploaded by Gene Black
I was going thru some things and found an old painting that I was never happy with. So I took some gesso and reclaimed the area that is now the "picture" part of the painting- i.e. where the house and trees are. The upper edge was only glazed over with one color. The lower half has some bits added but is largely unchanged also. Amazingly the entire mood has changed. I wish the photo did this piece justice. (fyi- I replaced the original picture with a better one.) Due to some glossy bits used in texturing I could not get a great photo of it. Just be assured -it is better in person.

This painting is an abstract landscape painted using textures, transparent layers and a hand carved stamp.
I like the mysterious peacefulness of this painting.


Tangled Stitch said...

I think it's gorgeous. I love the beautiful colors. Makes me sad I can't see it in person since you said it looks better in person.

Debra Ann

Sarah said...

*sigh* this is really beautiful. what size is it?

Gene Black said...

Thank you gwensmom. This is as large as I normally work. It is a full sheet of watercolor paper which is 22"by 30"

I am so happy that this re-working of a "not so good" painting turned into a nice painting.

Gene Black said...

Debra Ann, I didn't mean to ignore you. I would love for you to see it in person too, but upstate NY is a long way off.

~jolene said...

Gene..someday when you are on your NATIONWIDE tour we will all have an opportunity to see your work in person :)

Another beautiful, amazing painting!!

What a gift you have my friend!

Zhenia said...

It's a great piece, Gene. I really like all of it, but I especially like the all the drips and textures in the bottom half. Super!

Sharon P Pope said...

Gene, I can't imagine this painting looking any better. It's wonderful. I love the way you use color in all your paintings. You do have a gift. I also see that one of your favorite movies is Grease. Mine too! Libras got to stick together I guess. :)
Sharon (from MojoArtGroup)