Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Land of Fire

Land of Fire
Originally uploaded by Gene ebandit Black
This is actually just a start of a painting. I started it last night and did several layers of transparent acrylics. I intended to paint a second in a series similar to "Forbidden Crossing"

That didn't happen. As I was painting the muse led me in a different direction. I suppose I could still do something like "Forbidden Crossing" from this, but I won't. Rather I plan to refine this painting and start yet another painting with the intention of making a series following the colors and format of "Forbidden Crossing"


Cindy said...

Hot dam i made it over here without a hitch!

Oooh Gene....what a thrill to look over all your gorgeous pieces!! i love your work....so colourful and intense. Hey awesome job you did on that 'looney' vase too!

Also loved your video!! Nice accent!...ah dew declayuh, sutheners sound so sexy...LOL.

~jolene said...

Gene...as usual I have been here SEVERAL times - gazing at the latest painting you have posted. Each time I see Land of Fire I want to JUMP into it...it has a soft welcoming feeling to me...strange, I know -- but that is the way I see it :) LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.