Monday, January 14, 2008

My interest in The Cosmos

I am not aware if any of my friends know just how interested I am in the stars and planets. So here is my confession.

I have always had a fascination with the stars, the planets and "outer" space. I look at the night sky and see these tiny points of light that I know come from far away. Even more amazing is that when I see some of them, they no longer exist. The light of some stars has traveled so far that it has outlived its source.
Is there life out there? Will I ever know?

This I do know, I will be getting a telescope delivered (hopefully) this week. Each of the celestial beauties will be seen a bit closer.

Oh yes, the painting- I was working on this "start" and posted it on my art blog in "sharing a start"
I posted the original and where it went next. Now, here is where it seems to be going. This is only a section of the painting. I am getting glare when I photograph it. So I just used a portion that came out okay.


~jolene said...

Oh Gene, I am digging COSMOS! How great it is to see where your 'start' is taking you!

A telescope? You lucky dude! I would love one living here at the beach - the night sky fascinates me constantly! I can only imagine the inspiration this will bring your art!

Gene Black said...

you should get one

69.99 SHIPPED!

mcdc3s said...

Well, I love it.
This is such a cool piece.
I bet you are excited to get that telescope.
I bet it will be awesome.

I can't believe I didn't know you had a blog here. I am going to be sure to list it in my blog sidebar so I can visit it often. hugs, Maralena

Gene Black said...

I am excited about the telescope, but it is going to be cold and wet so I may not get out with it for a few days. (sigh) Maybe I can do some daytime looking this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Did the telescope arrive?
Have you used it yet?

Gene Black said...

The telescope did indeed arrive...and it has been very cloudy or very cold every night since it arrived. C'est la vie. We will have a clear warmer nite eventually.