Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Acrylic on Illustration Board - 20" by 30"

I have been struck by the muse. This painting seemed to come alive and speak to me. I was working in an all warm toned palette when it said, "I need some blue." I opened my drawer of blue paint and the painting yelled "There, that delicious teal; it is just what I want."

So I obliged. WOW. Not much of the teal but it commands the painting surface like a diva commands the stage.

I have to tell you, this looks better in person.


Maggie Dragonmoon said...

That is beautiful, Gene! I love it.

Gene Black said...

Thanks Blue Sharpie!

Ruth said...

I love love this painting...so beautiful and interesting. Can't think of a name right this minute...but it sure deserves one.


Anonymous said...

Gene - this piece SINGS to me! I had a similar thing happen to me - I was working with warm tones, and suddenly felt the necessity of pulling a teal color out. I painted boxes of white, then swiped them with a brush mark of teal and that made the painting! I love your painting, and think it deserves a really good name. How big is your canvas?

Gene Black said...

Ruth, I am sure the name will come.

Annie, I learned a while back, when the muse or the painting speaks - PAY ATTENTION.
It is a 20" by 30" Illustration board. Interestingly, I used to hate working on a smooth surface. Now it is a pleasure. I like both cold pressed and hot pressed surfaces.