Monday, April 28, 2008

Nana Purse

Another adventure in sewing today. After seeing the purses I have made for my nieces, my Nana (adopted grandmother) said "When are you going to make a purse for me?" So I asked what color and she said " Something dark, since I like to wear dark colors." Nothing is darker than black, so I got these two fabrics and dat down and designed a purse.

I love using the buttonhole feature and sewing on buttons with a machine. I have used a button on every purse so far. Maybe I should branch out and try some velcro or a zipper. I really think a button makes it pop a little bit more though.

Oh yes, it is lined in gray to make it easier to find things inside. And there are two pockets inside-done in the dotted fabric, just for fun.


Sarah said...

I KNEW that when you started sewing we would see some cool stuff! This is really cute.

mcdc3s said...

WOW... are you going in a whole new direction????? This is great. I expect to see you on PROJECT RUNWAY next season!

Gene Black said...

Sometimes it takes a new direction to kick the old creative mind into gear. I don't think I will be going on Project Runway. I am not the reality show type of guy.