Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mom Purse Front

I finished Mom's purse. It looks better in person than in the picture. There is a flap to fasten it- with velcro so it is easy for her.

The design on the back is a little different. Since yellow is a favorite color of hers, I used more of it.
Mom Purse Back

And inside it is lined with a lighter grey and has two contrasting pockets - all the better to be easier to see inside.
MomPurse Inside

I hope she likes it.


Sarah said...

Don't worry- moms like anything you make for them no matter how old you are.

Gene Black said...

Yes, I should know that. Ha ha.

The picture makes it look a bit "wonky" but it isn't. I did sew one of the inside pockets at an angle though.

mcdc3s said...

This is great! Are you using a purse pattern or creating your own?

Gene Black said...

I kinda made it up as I went. I had bought a purse pattern, looked at the instructions and said "Too complicated!" So, I just made it my way. Which is far more fun, AND more rewarding when you finish.

mcdc3s said...

You did this without a pattern! WOW, you are GOOD. :) Beautiful. I bet she went crazy over it.

Gene Black said...

Actually it is easier (for me) to make it without a pattern. I can change my mind as I go and have fun with it. If I use a pattern, I feel "locked in" and it seems like work.
I credit my maternal Grandmother for that. She never used a pattern for anything - she couldn't read so it was a moot point with her.
I am also working on an art doll. I used a pattern but then I changed it some. I suppose I am a non-conformist. Ha ha.

jovaliquilts said...

Very neat purse, and great that you did it without any pattern at all!

Thanks for visiting my blog -- your comment made me laugh. :)

I tried to reply but your settings are 'no reply.' To change that, click where it says "edit profile" on your blogspot dashboard. Click 'show email address' in the 3rd line down, and then at the bottom of the page click 'save changes.' If you do that, people can reply to your comments.

Gene Black said...

Thanks Cheri