Monday, June 16, 2008

Quilt top

Quilt top
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Now I am scared. I finished the last block. Yes, I have enough blocks to make the quilt top. Oh yes, I am scared. The easy part is over. Now I have to put them all together in a pleasing pattern and sew them together into a quilt top.

Then I have to make the "quilt sandwich" with the backing and the batting. YIKES then I have to quilt it.

I need chocolate- NOW!


Tam Hess said...

I love your quilt...I haven't started on the quilting scene yet but I will! I also love the Zentagles. Something new! I can't wait to mess around and look at that site.

mcdc3s said...

Oh it is wonderful. I love the way you are getting into sewing! You are a natural.