Sunday, September 07, 2008

Half Square triangles -The easy way.

So I got the Thangles home and sat down at **MY** machine, in MY sewing room.. Ahhh....there is no place like home.

Sewn Thangles

I chain pieced four strips of thangles. Each strip makes 6 HST's so that is 24 at one go. The first picture is the sewn strips prior to cutting.

Cutting theThangles

Next you cut them apart and clip the corners. (I confess I messed up a couple, but they are still usable)

Then you have a lovely pile of triangles.

Cut Apart Thangles

Which you take to the Iron and press open. Then you pull the paper off. The paper comes off pretty easily.

Finished HSTs -Thangles

Finally you have a nice stack - or in my case, a scattered pile- of Half Square Triangles. Wow, that was easy!


LynnS said...

Looks fast, easy, and accurate. I think you have found yourself a nice technique!!

I'm liking the fabrics so far. Can't wait to see your final piece.

Anonymous said...

Thangles are my absolutely favorite method for HST's!!!!