Monday, September 01, 2008

My latest project

So, my Nonna (adopted grandmother) is moving to be near her son. She will be moving into an apartment above the wine bar that he and his wife own. For several years she has admired a quilted wall hanging in her minister's home. She did her best to describe it to me, however, we are wingng it. She did tell me that it is cross made up of half square triangles. I decided to draw up some "patterns" and let her choose the one she likes best. The really good news is that she chose the one I like best also. I have started quick-piecing some HSTs using a method I found online. It works well but they are not coming out exact in size so I am having to trim them. C'est la vie! I will post pictures of the HSTs and the pattern later. And when I do, you are more than welcome to play along and make one for yourself or a loved one. The background for the cross will be white and the backing and binding will be navy blue. In my pattern the darks are represented by blue and the lights by white. HOWEVER, the darks will be various colors (even though I started with blue as you will see) and the lights will be batiks and light fabrics with small patterns. There are 70 HST units in my pattern. (just in case you want to start making them in advance of seeing the pattern.
More later


StitchinByTheLake said...

Gene when I make HSTs I do one of two things. I make them using Thangles if I happen to have the right size on hand. They come out perfect that way. If not, I make them larger so I can cut them to size. I don't know why but if I try to cut triangles and sew them I stretch the bias every time. And if I draw the line from corner to corner my 1/4" seam is never 1/4"! blessings, marlene

Qubie said...


I just love doing HST the quick way. There is nothing better. Well, almost nothing. I to have to trim my HST down. I try to make mine a little bigger. Did you see they have a quick piecing for Flying geese? You may find a link on my blog if you wish to check it out.

Can't wait to see your project it sounds neat. You are a sweet heart to be make this for your "Grandmother". I am sure she will love it.

Kansas City

Gene Black said...

Marlene, I have never used Thangles (or even seen them in a store) I did see them for sale on the 'net of course. I am not even going to attempt cutting triangles and sewing them. Ha! I noticed that this quick piecing has some give for my "not quite" quarter inch seams...but I did discover that one of presser feet is exactly a quarter inch from the LEFT side to the needle. So I sewed on the "wrong side" and put my drawn line right against the left edge. It worked great.

Charlie. I have been reading your blog - I put it in my sidebar! so I saw that Flying Geese quick piecing. I think I could have used it instead of making HSTs but...She said "made of little triangles" That is how I am doing it.

Thanks for commenting. I love my online quilting community

LynnS said...

Hi Gene. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Since you posted a link-back, I was able to track-you-down! :-)

Your gift-giving is warming my heart and this new project for your adopted grandmother is a wonderful present to give to her to cherish for the rest of her life.

On the triangles -- Have you thought of making a very slight adjustment to your presser foot shaft? It could be that the presser foot is riding just a bit too heavily on the fabric and is causing the bias to slightly stretch.

Gene Black said...

Lynn, it isn't the that the bias is stretching. The method just adds a bit extra that has to be trimmed. Not a big deal, but I ordered some Thangles thanks to StitchinByTheLake. At her suggestion I checked them out and am waiting (not so patiently) for them to arrive in the mail.