Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Purse project

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A friend asked me to make a purse. This purse will be a present. So I asked a few questions and I am trying to make the purse special for the recipient.
I think she wants it to be somewhat "scrappy" and maybe this will be too structured a design. I actually made up the design on the spur of the moment after looking thru my fabric stash. I meant for the back and front to be nearly identical but somehow I managed to make it mirror image. I really like that idea now...but I know it was just one of those fortuitous "accidents" and If I were trying to do it - Not gonna happen! Ha ha.

I love the vibrant colors of the reds and blues playing together. I have to decide on the sides, back and binding (if I bind it) I will probably quilt it all then sew in a lining with pockets - cause (I hear) a girl needs some organization in a big ole purse.
I am thinking of a tan fabric (maybe a mottled tan) for the sides and binding. What do you think? I could use the red or the blue that make the top and bottom bands - I have plenty of each of those left also.
Piecing this on the new machine was a dream. But I have to admit, the time flew by and I didn't realize it until I stopped. This could be dangerous. Hey, I kinda like a little danger!


Sarah said...

I love that scrappy look. This is gonna be a fab purse!

meggie said...

This project is lovely. I had to just visit to have a peak at a happy man with his new machine! Sounds wonderful, & your bags are lovely.

Linda said...

Looks great! Organizing in a big ol purse is very important! If they have a cell phone make sure you add a little pocket for that cause otherwise it will be harder to find! LOL I lose mine all the time in the bottomless pit of a bag that I have! Mottled tan sounds cool - Can't wait to see the finished result!
Love your new toy! Too cool on the stitches & alphabet stitches!!
Good luck!

Qubie said...

You sure do love your purses. My boss at work loves them just like you do. She is always making a new purse. There fun and easy it looks like. I got a kit for one over the summer now just have to get it done.