Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's new, it's fun, it is MINE

I got a new baby. For me this is a major investment in sewing. I went to a dealer and bought a Brother NX450Q Quilt Club sewng machine.

I have tried lots of the stitches and am having a GREAT time with it. I have in no way come near to trying everything this machine will do. In the center picture are two black square of fabric that I did some "test" stitches on. No problems there, it sews like a dream. I sewed on some buttons for a friend to try that feature. Excellent job of button attachment I must say. (No hand ewing on buttons for me.)

Features that I love already:
Thread cutter button - it also does automatic reinforcement and thread cutting - I will try that later.

Knee lifter- I just checked to see how it works but when I am paper piecing, I can see that as a real plus.

Lots of decorative stitches including 3 alphabet fonts.

Programmable stitch combinations - flow from one decorative stitich into another and if you find a combo you love you can save it. (I think there are 10 memory slots but I am not sure yet) If I find a combo I love I will probably write it down somewhere too.

Wanna read ALL about it? Go here

I will confess that I don't love the bobbin winding on it....that is okay; I have a Sidewinder. (if you don't know it is a bobbin winder and it is fast and easy) (Shop around if you decide on a Sidewinder, some places have big discount coupons -Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, etc - and you can get it a lot cheaper. I just used that link to show it to you.

I love my new baby. Color me happy, that is the bottom picture - Me---> HAPPY.

EDIT: I discovered later that same day that I did the bobbin winding incorrectly. Now it winds nice and fast. --But I will still use the sidewinder.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations Gene! Getting a new sewing machine is better than getting a new car! blessings, marlene

Sarah said...

YAY a new machine! How exciting! It's almost as cute as you are.

Qubie said...

Good luck on your new machine. It looks cute. Remember to take your free owners class if your machine came with some. You will learns lots about your new machine.

Gene Black said...

They didn't offer a "owners class" but they did say I could come in anytime I have a question and they will show me on the machine. I spent a couple of hours reading the manual from front to back. I learned a LOT that way...but I am a "read and learn" kind of guy.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I found your blog via "Stitching by the lake".

1st I have to say your new machine looks so cool. I am expecting grandbaby #3, if it's a girl (we have 2 boys already) I have already told the hubby, I want an embroidery machine. Yours looks pretty close in the running.

2nd, I have never heard of a bobbin winder. I am going to have to look for one.

I love to paper piece. You will get addicated. Try Carol Doak's CDs. You can put the kids tracing paper in your home printer and print them off. You can also make them any size by using her CD's.

Happy sewing

Brenda said...

Oh, I'm sooo jealous you can color me green! Man, that is what I call a luxury item! Woo-HOO!
If I had that one I would probably MAKE myself like piecing, LOL! Have I ever mentioned that I really do not like piecing? hee-hee

Roseanne said...

o how luck to buy a new sewing machine .I have been looking at blogs and found yours. I have a brother sewing machine .But not that fancy .