Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Purses

More purses are being made. I am planning to sell them at the Christmas show at church in Guntersville. The two strip purses are named after the materials used. I had pre-cut strips of fabric that I joined to make the exterior and straps. Each of these has two pockets inside.

Tulip Purse
Tulip Purse-Back

The Tulip purse started with a paper pieced Tulip pattern and was built from there. It is a "lunch bag" purse with on big pocket/divider inside. The Back is free-motion quilted to add some extra interest.

Jean-Bandana Purse

The Blue Jean Bandana rag purse is still in progress. It needs a fastener AND it has yet to go thru the wash/dry process to make the fringe all raggy and soft. There is one small pocket in it - right where I want to put the fastener so I am still pondering how to solve that problem. No fears, I will find a clever solution today when I go shopping. (isn't that a great excuse to shop?)


Norma said...

These are really nice, the free motion insert on that makes it custom made.

How about velco for the red and blue?

Sarah said...

My goodness Gene you have gone crazy with that new sewing machine! That's a good thing, course ;)