Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quilted Book Cover - Before Breakfast

Quilted Book Cover
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Okay, I admit it, I got going and forgot to eat. Do any of you do that?

I bought a few little blank journals just for this project. I simply make a quilted cover for the book and slide the book into it. I used random wavy quilting lines and pieced strips for the cover. The lining and flap covers are all the darker green with floral fabric. This is the second one I made. The first one, made last night, was a tight fit, so I adjusted my measurements slightly for this one. I didn't photograph the first one yet. The reason is that it matches a purse that is still in progress. Woo woo...I am making a set. Ha was sort of accidental but if someone buys both it will make a cute set. Should I make a purse to match this book?

I am editing to add the Purse and Book Combo. Also check the closure detail on the purse. I found this button with a chain and put another button that the chain fastens over. I think it is a cute idea and adds a little zip to the purse.

PurseBook Combo


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