Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lesson Learned

I am on an extended weekend. I get Tuesday off for Veterans Day and I elected to take Monday off making it a 4 day weekend. I came to my Dave's house for the duration. Well, I had moved my older (cheaper) machine to his house so I wouldn't have to bring my new machine with me. Ha. Here is the lesson:

Once you have a nice machine to work on, the older machine seems very inadequate AND you can't work as fast. I sewed 6 birds and a couple of scrappy blocks yesterday. I spent so much time cutting thread (the new machine has a one button thread cutter) and turning the wheel to raise the needle (new machine has a button for that too) That I felt it took way too long. NEXT Time I will just pack up my new baby and bring him with me.

What? I call my machine HIM and you wonder why? Simple it is a BROTHER. Thus it must be a male. LOL. How do you desinate your machine? Male of Female? Did you give it a name? I haven't really named my little Brother just yet. Maybe his name is Brother, after all, I am southern. LOL.
Have a great Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

way too funny Gene. that was my laugh for the day!! Oh Brother!!