Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of my other hobbies

Some of you may know that I am getting ready for a "show and sale" in early December. I have been making loads of purses, blank books with quilted covers and fabric birds. But I have to confess that I am working on yet another of my hobbies. But first let me tell you how this one began.....
A couple of years ago, I got some polymer clay to make a stamp to use in my artwork. I got distracted and never got that stamp made which was okay because I learned how to carve rubber stamps. (a story of another day!) The polymer clay laid there unused. One day I got the package, opened it and began playing with it.

"Hey, this is fun to work with." I thought to myself. Then I remember that I got it to make stamps. A little light went off and I said, "I could stamp right into the clay" And I did. I made myself a clay pendant that has impressions from some of the rubber stamps I carved. "Oh My! now I am making jewelry" I made some more for Christmas presents and before I knew it , I was making clay beads to sell. I love the ways I can combine colors of clay and create rich interesting patterns. (I know, you quilters are thinking that it echoes piecing fabric to make quilt squares. You are so right!)

The great part about the beads is that they are all originals and I never make an identical piece. Heck, I couldn't if I wanted to.
Right now I have two new sets of beads glazed and drying. I have another set cooling prior to being glazed. And in the next couple of nights I will get to make them into some more lovely artsy bracelets.

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