Monday, November 03, 2008

Purses and birds

Polka Dot Purse and birds
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What have I been doing? Well let me tell you what I have been doing in my "spare time"

I am making quilted/pieced purses and fabric birds and I even did a painting. (that picture MAY come later)

I loved this set of dotted strips I got in a jelly roll. Every fabric has dots in it. I chose six (i think) of the strips and made a patchwork. Then I quilted it and made this cute purse. I think it is so bright and springtime feeling that it makes this cool fall weather feel warmer.
Hey and with spring we get birds. So I posed three of my fabric babies with it. The one on the right is at an odd angle, he was being stubborn.

Now I will tell you a secret. I am making some red and blue birds too. After I cut them out, I had some odd sized pieces of red and blue fabric left. I was feeling adventurous so I started sewing them together. I then had a red/blue patched piece. Hmmmmm...OH I KNOW - yep you guessed, another purse.

Red and Blue Purse with birds

And of course I posed a couple more birds with it. I am hoping my table will be full of fun sewn items come December 6th. I am also hoping to sell a lot of this stuff, or else I will have to start an account on Etsy or eBay to sell it all. Ha ha.

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