Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dragon Sculpting

Here is an update on what I have been doing. At the "show and sell" in Guntersville, a customer asked about the polymer clay. "Can you make other things out of this?" he said. I , boldly and perhaps foolishly, replied, "Sure, anything that will fit in the oven." He the asked me to make a dragon figurine for his wife, who collects dragons. My carefully weighted answer was " I will try, but I won't be able to get it done before Christmas." Yeah, I was thinking that I didn't know if I could make a DRAGON. I make jewelry, I paint, I sew, but I am not a sculptor -- or am I?
I looked on line and never found the tutorial on making a dragon that I am SURE I saw one day.
SO, I did what I typically do anyway. I took what I found and "gene-ified" it. Here is the dragon for better or worse.

I confess that after I painted the final layers and all the irridescent paints dried, I think it is pretty cool.

Dragon Left 2
Dragon Back

Added information
I am sure many people are curious about the dimensions. Several co-workers saw the picture and asked about dimensions. So I am adding this to the post:
From the tip of his nose to the farthest back part of his tail is approximately 8 inches. The highest point (scale on top of his head) is just under 3.5 inches. Wingspan is approximately 6 inches.and the widest side-to-side measurement is approximately 8 inches.

And for those of you that got stuck on "farthest" - it is the correct superlative. I had to look it up.


LynnS said...

Ooooh!! Your dragon is fantastic! With the iridescent colors, I'm drawn in. What is the length and height?

Happy New Year!

Pat said...

VERY nice...I am not a dragon person, but for anyone who is, that is a great sculpted piece. GREAT work, Gene! said...

I LOVE IT... So beautiful and you are so talented! Great job..

Barb said...

You do amazing work.

Thanks for entering my giveaway...just dropped by to pay you a visit.

Lindi said...

I collect dragons, but they have to be either beautiful, full of character, or unique. I don't collect just any old dreagon.
Yours would be added to my collection quite happily.
Well done, Mr Non-sculptor!