Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art inspires poetry (post 124 for those keeping track)

I received a request from an art organization to use one of my images. As this organization is one I am registered with, I gladly granted that permission. I do not know what text will be used with the image. However, thinking about it inspired me to pen this poem. (I am not a writer or a poet, but I hope you enjoy it.)


Here with my faith I stand in a valley

Surrounded by fear, my losses I tally.

Fear, I have little. I feel a strong hand.

My soul reaches out grasping, hoping.

Admiring the wonder, I travel this land.

I seek truth in beauty, my path upward sloping.

Herewith, content I will be, and yet I still seek

The wonder of wonders, a Holy mystique

Copyright 2009 by Gene Black


I am happy to report that both this image and my poem have been published on the Image & Spirit blog. Go see it there!


Virginia Wieringa said...

What a beautiful image and poem! I saw it on Image and Spirit. Thanks, it was just what I needed.

Gene Black said...

Thank you Virginia.

Pat said...

Lovely poem. You are a man of many talents!!! Thanks for sharing this with us.