Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nana Cross

Nana Cross
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Some of you may have seen my earlier post about the "Nana Cross." Here is a link to it. The Nana Cross Layout

Tonight I have made a big stride in it. I had changed the design a bit. The crossbar looks better, I think, with 4 rows instead of 3. It is NOT all together yet. The top section (3 rows) is one piece. The center section -the crossbar- is one section. And the bottom part is one section. (I hope that makes sense.)

Anyway, I am wondering if I should add one more row on the bottom to elongate it a bit more OR should I just go with it?

I am loving the "accidental" color design I see in it. The batiks seem to have almost completed some color bands that make it look like it was cut from a diamond patterned piece. I must confess: that was pure serendipity. Or else a higher hand reached out and guided me a bit.

I would also like a bit of quilting advice. I will be putting this on a white background with a blue border - per the Nana's request. How should I quilt it? And for that matter what will be the easiest way to get this set into the white? (I have an idea which is why it is still 3 pieces. )

I am ready for some advice from the more experienced of you. (Exuberant Color -Wanda, Stitchin by the Lake - Marlene if you are reading either comment or email me!!!) Everyone else, I am willing to consider your thoughts too.

Now I know that my piecing is not perfect (heck not even close!) I learned a lot from this piece. Matching all those angles and getting pretty points is NOT EASY. I guess I am glad no one warned me about that, I might have chickened out.

This is post 122. Don't forget to watch for 125. I am planning a "milestone" giveaway for that one. Oh, yes, I am still taking ideas for what I should give away.


Pat said...

Okay...until you mentioned it, I thought it was long enough, but maybe one more row on the bottom would be good. As for how to get it onto the background, let another smarter than I tell you the best way to do that. I think I would do some hand echo-quilting on this one....so it would really play up the cross and make it stand out. Of course, I've not been quilting that long, so you will be better advised to listen to Wanda and any of the other more experienced quilters on this. (I just figured I'd pipe up anyway!!! LOL)

Sarah said...

To get it on a white background, divide the cross into three parts- the top. the crossbar and the bottom.

Sew the triangles in each section together and then add white fabric to each side, extending the white as far left and right as you need it.

There will be three horizontal strips which you then sew together. Add white strips to the top and bottom, and you're done!

Gene Black said...

Yes! That is what I was thinking. I just wondered if there was some other way that would be more efficient.

Thanks for that gwensmom!

amanda said...

Hi Gene!

Thanks for visiting my blog. As I am sure you guessed, I am not even a novice quilter! My mother does beautiful work but I've never tried. The yo-yo will be my first attempt and like you mentioned, I am not planning any pattern:)

Good luck with the Nana Cross!