Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Plan and an Update

First the plan: A while back I ordered a fat quarter sampler and a jelly roll of some fabric that appeals to me. Using some lovely software, I have planned a quilt that will be just for me. The fabric collection is called "Irresistable Indigo 2" and is from Connecting Threads. I may possibly add a border of some other fabric, but that decision will be made LATER. Here is an exported picture of my planned quilt. I think it looks perfect for a man's bed. It is not at all frilly and the colors are pleasantly masculine. Don't you agree?

Now the update, I would like to thank those that comment both on and off the blog about my wall hanging piecework. Thanks to you, I added the two extra rows at the bottom. It does look more in proportion now.

Next will be the fun part. I will add the white outside pieces. Then I will put the "quilt sandwich" together and be ready to make it a quilt! I am both excited and a bit scared about that part. Stay tuned!


Pat said...

Yup....great quilt for a guy, I'd say. Your Nana's cross is looking better and better all the time. Don't get stressed about the finishing's going to turn out just perfect!

Gene Black said...

Thanks Pat, I think you posted your comment before I finished "fixin" my blog entry.

I am not stressing very much about the finishing steps. What will be, will be. And besides, I have a couple of seam rippers. Hahahaaa.

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I really like that Indigo quilt and it has a masculine look but it also just plain looks good!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!