Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just a thought

This is somewhat of a strange/different post for me. I was reading a book titled The Underneath by Kathi Appelt. While it is a children's book, it is rich and pleasing. It is both poetic and magical. It is the story of a dog and a cat. However the overriding truth is about friendship and keeping promises.

So early this morning, I picked it up to read for a bit before I got all ready to go out into the world. I read a few chapters and then it was time to get ready to do the weekend errands.

As I started to get ready, I had to stop, breathe and then run to write down this simple but lovely thought that came to me. I confess that the story line of the book was the inspiration.

The thought: "A million things may trap you, but love will always set you free. " Gene Black 2009

I hope you think on this and see the lovely truth in it. Feel free to expound on it, give your take on it, whatever =in the comments. And have a great weekend.



Very true.
I don't know if you follow "Top Chef", but we are hooked. We loved Carla, and when she lost, her comment was "My goal was to compete with Love, and I accomplished that". Indeed she did. She held no rancor for anyone and supported all. Love charts a path for us all.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why love sets us free? Because love--real, true love--is the absence of all fear and to live without fear is to be free.

Most people think love's opposite is hate. But fear is love's opposite because it's fear that causes us to hate, to judge, to put others down, etc.

When we no longer fear, we can truly love, respect and forgive.