Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Poem - By Gene Black

With Valentine's Day coming up this month, I thought I would share this image and poem, both my original works. I hope you enjoy.

Confirmed, affirmed and verified

Referred, deferred or put aside

Disclosed in full, or in part

The secrets of the human heart

Cannot be analyzed or sampled

No protocol or test procedure run

Can ever under sky or sun

Explain the love in humankind

No forensic evidence you will find

Of what is in the soul or mind

So let us stay outside the box

And not place love

'neath chains and locks

Confirmed affirmed and verified?

No! In faith, love is justified.

Copyright 2004 by Gene Black


Pat said...

That poem is really tells it like it is. Thanks for sharing it.

Sharon P Pope said...

I really like your poem, Gene, and the painting is gorgeous. Great Valentine post! :)

Sara said...

I like the poem and the work of art, too! Thanks for sharing... said...

OM GOODNESS.. That made me have chills..You are one talented person.


Sarah said...

That poem is fabulous! Great work.

Sharon said...

Excellent! I love good poetry and this is indeed an excellent poem. Thanks for sharing your talent :)


PS Nice meeting ya, I found you via Rhonda's blog :)

Rhonda said...

Gene, what a beautiful poem about love. You are truly a poet and I love the image of the couple. Great job.
Take care & Happy Valentine's Day.

Lindi said...

Beautiful words. You are very talented.