Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like a yo yo You're spinning me up and down Like a yo yo

I know that I have been rather quiet on here lately. I am trying to remember to post even though I am experiencing "Time Change stress disorder" (I made up the name but it seems to describe what is happening with me) My creativity is active in my head but I can't seem to get it to my fingers. Hey wait, that happened before the time change. Oh well, the time change always messes with me so I am STILL going to blame it on that! Ha.

Since I haven't started a new project, I have this one that has been hanging around for a while. Some call them UFOs - unfinished objects. It is true that they are, but then, sometimes you need a project that is kind of ongoing to have a fall back for the dry spells. Am I right? You know I am! ha ha

How do you usually make a quilt? You make quilt blocks and join them, right?

I have been making some blocks but I have yet to join any of them. My blocks are made of fabric yo-yos --ahhhh that is where the title of this post came from. Not the fact that the time change has yanked me around like a spinning disk on a string that can't decide where to be.

I can see this project going on for a long loooonnnnggggg time. That is okay. Eventually I will have a yo-yo "quilt." There is no deadline so I am cool with it. Meanwhile, here are the blocks that I have made.

If I ever decide that I am not finishing this, I can tell that nine of these blocks (which is what I have right now!) would make a nice big pillow top. At this time, I am still planning on a quilt. Only time will tell. Now, take a look.


Pat said...

Yup...we need ongoing (and portable) projects. A quilting friend of mine who lives nearby (Quilting Nana...she has a blog) was given large bags of yo-yo's already made. She can make a quilt with them easily....as there are that many. If she has some left over, I may ask her for enough to do a pillow for the guest bedroom. GOOD job so far, Gene! (Don't give up at the pillow stage...keep plugging away for a quilt top!)

LynnS said...

I've been suffering through the time change stress disorder myself. Great name because I am learning that it does exist! (I always pity young parents having to deal with their small tots who don't read clocks.)

The yoyos are great! And the title to your blog entry is just fantastic. So upbeat, despite this time change thang we're suffering from!

Anonymous said...

I've always been intrigued by little yo-yos, but I've never tried making them (much less putting them into blocks for a quilt). They are so pretty! If you decide to make a pillow-top instead of a quilt, you will probably have lots of company. I've seen numerous pillows, but only a few full-size quilts.

Gari in AL said...

I, too, have started a yo-yo project but since I really don't like doing hand work it is going VERY slowly. I figure a 5 year project by which time I won't remember what I was doing with these things. LOL

www.welovequilting.com said...

These look great.. Remember I have yo yo makers on my website www.welovequilting.com for sale all shapes and sizes. We are getting ready to offer the precut circles. We are just behind in things.Check back often.

I too suffer from the Time Change THANG!!

Unknown said...

How many more yo yo's have you made since this post?