Thursday, March 12, 2009

So how do ya make 'em ?

A friend asked how I make the yo-yos. I know you can cut circles and do it the old-fashioned way, but MAN that is hard to do. Besides, I can't do that when I am watching TV - I would stick myself too much. AND I can't do it while riding in the car - same reason. Besides it would take me twelve forevers to do it that way!

The truth is, I have a magic helper to make them. There is a little fairy that has sprinkled magic dust on my golden needle.... oh wait, this is NOT a fairy tale (or even a fairy tail!) Okay I will confess.

My friend Chris at sells yo-yo makers in her SHOP The are so simple to use that I can make them and watch TV too. I even got an extra one and drafted a NON-QUILTING friend to help me make the yo-yos so it doesn't take me as long to get it done.

So if you are wanting to make the yo-yos and want to do it the modern EASY way, visit Chris and buy my secret for yourself. Hmm.... What? Okay, you are right - the secret is out. I hope you still respect me!


Pat said...

I have a couple yo-yo makers here (different sizes).......I haven't seen them lately, though. They must be buried somewhere under a pile of fabric......hmmmmmmmm......will have to send out a search party, I think! said...

I do hope you are going to put that yo yo quilt together.

Do not let it turn into a UFO!

We have a the dies to cut the circles ALL SIZES for the yo yo makes. I am working to get a kit together to put on the webpage..Thanks to you for your idea!